Xtralis ADPRO Video Central Platinum - XTL-202449

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  • SKU: XTL-202449
  • Xtralis ADPRO Video Central Platinum
  • VMS Software for Xtralis Adpro NVRs
  • Alarm Receiving Software
  • Client/server architecture
  • Support for multiple operator stations
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  • XTL-202449
  • Xtralis ADPRO Video Central Platinum
  • VMS Software for XTRALIS Adpro NVRs
  • Video verification of remote alarm events
  • Multi-user
  • Supports two-way audio and pre-recorded message broadcast
SKU XTL-202449
Key features Remote alarm video verification

Surveillance of multiple remote sites

Scalable, from single-user to multiple simultaneous user management

Fast display, storage and retrieval of alarm images

Full duplex two-way audio support

Control of PTZ cameras via mouse or joystick

Support for Adpro VideoWall

Support for interactive graphics

Minimum requirements for client PC installation O.S. Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

PC with Quad-Core Processor 2.6 GHz or higher (recommended i7-4820K)

RAM 4GB RAM (recommended 8GB)

Dedicated graphics card NVidia Series 9 512MB or higher with minimum resolution 1280x720. The minimum resolution 1680x1050 allows to see all columns in the list of active ASL sites without scroll bars)

Hard disk 2TB 7.200 rpm

Local network card 1000BaseT

Internet Explorer v10 or higher

Minimum requirements for PC server installation O.S. Windows 10 Professional 64 bit (recommended Windows Server 2016 64 bit)

Video Central Platinum includes Microsoft SQL Server 2014 R2 Express Edition. This version limits the maximum database size to 10GB and use 1 Core CPU and 1GB memory. For medium and large Control Centers we recommend upgrading to Microsft SQL Server Standard Edition or higher

PC with Quad-Core processor 2.6GHz or higher (recommended i7-4820K)

RAM 8GB (recommended 16GB)

Dedicated graphics card with 256MB with minimum resolution of 1280x720

Hard disk for O.S. and VCP program 2TB 7.200 rpm (if using SSD minimum 512GB)

Hard Disk 2TB 7.200 rpm for files and backup

Local network card 1000BaseT


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