Speed Domes

POE Speed dome camera with total power and network connector

POE is a technical term that means Power Over Ethernet. In other words, this simply means that the power is supplied over the network and thus it is pulled over a conventional Ethernet cable (network cable). One therefore avoids having a POE IP camera to have a separate power supply, which is often preferred as it looks nicer only to pull a single cable instead of both a power cable and a network cable.

Gradually there are many POE cameras on the market and at Specialkamera.dk we have some IP cameras with POE function. Many different brands have models with POE input - this has for example Nivian outdoor camera, X-Security Plug & View cameras and Dahua IP cameras. In particular, Dahua has chosen to invest in the implementation of the POE standard in many of their cameras, since any Wi-Fi based camera must in any case still have a power cable connected. This gives you a faster and more stable transfer of data due to the wired network signal. A POE camera can therefore be a good alternative to a regular Wi-Fi camera.

What does POE require?

With POE, no more cables must be drawn and you get a more stable connection. First of all, the camera must of course support the POE and in addition it is necessary to either have a POE switch or a POE injector that can supply the power. Few ordinary routers and switches have POE built-in, so installing a POE injector can be an easy solution. It is a simple box that connects to a power outlet and has a network port for the router side and one for the camera side. It sends the required power to the network signal so that the POE camera gets the required power supply.
Create peace of mind with indoor and outdoor POE cameras

Cameras with POE input are provided for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. With a POE camera you can thus create security both inside and outside the home or your company. So you can now relax more when you are on vacation or elsewhere over several days. In addition to the security the camera must bring, the outdoor camera is preventative against theft in the home. However, if extraneous people still manage to get into your home, it is always reassuring to know where the thieves have moved around. Moreover, it is useful for documentation for the police, so the thefts are more likely to be stopped. If you are not necessarily looking for a camera with POE function, you can take a closer look at some of our wireless surveillance cameras. Here you will find eg. some newer versions with P2P connectivity that allow you to access the internet monitoring.