Ezviz 2 MP Wifi Camera - KIT6-EZ-C3WN

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  • Ezviz 2 MP Wifi Camera
  • Compression H.264
  • 2.8 mm lens / IR 30
  • Microphone
  • Long range Wifi
  • Suitable for exterior IP66
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  • KIT6-EZ-C3WN
  • Cámara IP WiFi
  • 2Mpx (1920x1080) a 25 FPS
  • Compresión H.264
  • Lente 2.8 mm
  • IR LED Alcance 30 m
  • Micrófono integrado, con cancelación de ruido
  • Ranura para tarjeta MicroSD de hasta 256 GB
  • TCP/IP (RJ45) o WiFI 802.11b/g/n
  • Gran cobertura Wifi con antenas exteriores (100 m en campo abierto)
  • Apta para exterior IP66
  • Servicio de almacenamiento en la nube EZVIZ CloudPlay
  • App EZVIZ y software EZ Studio


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20 - 30 meters

If you want to be assured of a good image in complete darkness, then go for this camera. Here you get a good and illuminated picture of up to 30 meters in complete darkness


This camera is suitable for outdoor video surveillance that can withstand wind, rain and snow.

2 Megapixel

You can easily see what's going on in the picture with the 2 megapixel sensor. You are guaranteed beautiful and sharp images in 1080p image quality which is twice as sharp as 720p. With this camera, you will therefore easily be able to recognize people, objects and much more as you watch the video material.

2,8mm lens

With a camera lens of 2.8mm you are guaranteed a very wide picture which gives an incredibly good overview of the picture. The most used cameras make use of 2.6mm, 2.8mm and 3.6mm lenses. If you are unsure if the 2.8mm lens is right for you, then you can easily measure it by yourself. Stand where you want the camera to be installed and extend your arms at a horizontal angle of approx. 100 degrees in and 74 degrees vertically. We recommend the 2.8mm lens if you want to have a wide view and want a good overview of shorter distances. E.g. very useful for carport, parking lots, gardens, lawns etc.

If you want to be sure that the lens fits your needs, we recommend that you choose a variable lens camera as this type of lens allows you to adjust the camera exactly as you wish.


The system can me managed by iPad, iPhone and Android devices. This means that you can see all images remotely as long as you have internet in both ends. The better the signal on your smartdevice the faster and smoother the liveview will be. You can also easily do playback sessions and share it to the right people.

IP Based

IP based video surveillance gives you endless possibilities for maximum security. IP cameras can be used both as a standalone device, with an NVR recorder or with third-party VMS software such as Milestone (recure that the cameras is ONVIF compatible). The advantage of using an IP camera as a standalone surveillance camera is that you do not need an NVR (network recorder). However, we always recommend an NVR for your system as this gives you much better management possibilities.

It also makes it much easier if you have to install many cameras to make multiple collection points via PoE switches. Thereby you do not have to install cables to the same place, but instead just install the cables to bases (poe switches) instead.

Bullet IP camera

We recommend that you choose the type of bullet if you want to be sure that special attention is paid to video surveillance. This type is more aggressive in appearance and may appear to have a more powerful preventive effect.

Wall mount

This camera is suitable for wall mounting. We always recommend using sockets so you can hide the connection between the camera and the cable. In addition, you also achieve greater security against vandalism as the cable assembly is much better protected. You should be able to see which junction box that is compatible with the camera. If the information is missing, then please ask for the model in the chat or call us.

, Ceiling mount

The camera is suitable for ceiling mounting. You will usually have more flexibility in relation to the angle if the camera is mounted on a ceiling.