Dome IP Cameras

In recent years, a number of different solutions have been made in the field of video surveillance on the market. There can therefore be many monitoring systems reminiscent of each other, where the user-friendly software, the high video resolution or the beautiful design becomes the deciding factor for the final choice of surveillance camera.

When choosing your surveillance camera, it is important to consider the purpose of the camcorder and whether it should be used in your private home, for remote monitoring of the cottage, in the office or in your company. The most important factor is that the monitoring system fits your individual situation. If you want to use the monitoring camera in your own home, we always recommend that you also invest in a good house alarm so that your home is secured in the best possible way.

The Dome camera is a great choice for protecting your home or business from intruders. These efficient and vandal-proof surveillance cameras are shaped like domes, which are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling. A dome camera does not require much space and can be hidden so that the thief does not detect the monitoring.

Unlike the dome camera, a bullet camera fills something more and is pretty visible. The bullet camera therefore often has a more preventive effect that scares off potential burglars and keeps vandals from afar. These surveillance cameras are especially suited for guarding large areas such as schools, warehouses and apartment buildings.

IP stands for internet protocol and allows digital devices to talk through the internet. An IP camera is super smart because you can use your smartphone to monitor your property anywhere, anytime. In addition, an IP camera is most often wireless, which means that the system is not dependent on a fixed cable routing, so there is also no need for a trained fitter to assist with the installation.

A wireless surveillance camera can be a really good security solution and safety device. This camera type can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, they can be connected to an encrypted network so that the property can be monitored from your smartphone, no matter where in the world you are, just having internet access.

Dome Cameras

  • Nivian IP Camera
  • Resolution 5Mpx (2592x1944)
  • H.265
  • 18 IR LEDs range 30 m
  • Plug&Play P2P Installation
  • Recording on microSD card
  • Nivian Connect App for Smartphone
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