Professional alarm kit - ENFORCER-GPRS

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  • Professional alarm kit
  • Supervised wireless 868 MHz
  • Accepts wired detectors
  • Certificate Grade 2
  • Mobile App and IP Cloud
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PYRONIX professional burglar alarm system with hybrid wireless bidirectional communication and GSM/GPRS.

Complete wireless alarm system for professional installations both in residential and commercial fields. It is based on a GSM/GPRS communication module while the bidirectional link supervised by the detectors and accessories is done by radio frequency in the band 868 MHz, obtaining together certification Grade 2.

The wireless link achieves high reliability through the ADVANCED Enforcer protocol with encryption of 128 Bits. The unique instant and intelligent monitoring system detects inhibition of the signal identifying a specific downtime and in turn reduces maintenance costs as it significantly extends the life of the batteries of the detectors without compromising security. The wireless signal can cover distances of up to 1.6 Km in open space. It also includes features for easy installation, as the signal strength indicator or the button Learn of the detectors to automatically link quickly and easily.

Presents 4 partitions or separate areas and 32 wireless zones. Supports wired detectors by 2 additional zones, reaching up to 32 zones expanding the system with available expansion modules. It has 3 wired outputs (Home Automation, Strobe and Siren) and 1 Auxiliary output DC 12 V. The panel has a rechargeable backup battery and a siren integrated of 100 dB. Ability to communicate with PC via serial port RS232 for programming via control panel using the UDL software.

The GSM/GPRS communication is its main advantage for remote access, to both the user and the installer, allowing connection to the PYRONIX IP Cloud through which you can manage users/accounts or configure the system through the UDL software, that even imitates the look of the panel to optimize the ease of use. The use of the cloud is compatible with dynamic IP without opening ports.

The PYRONIX Enforcer user enjoys many advantages thanks to PYRONIX Cloud, as you will have reliable and instant notifications on your Free Application for Smartphone HomeControl+, as well as SMS messages on the mobile. Up to 32 wireless controllers with user ID to arm/disarm the system, and RFID Tag keychains to be detected by the proximity reader built into the panel, expandable up to 3 readers/external keypads. Professional support by the connection software to alarm reception centers (ARC). Possibility of video verification at user level via the available PYRONIX IP cameras.

The kit includes 1 magnetic contact MC1MINI-WE and 2 PIR detectors KX12DQ-WE.

Control Panel

Certification Grade 2
Wireless inputs 32
Wired inputs 2
Wired outputs PGM, STB, BELL
Internal siren 100 dB
aux output voltage DC 13.2 V
RF frequency 868 MHz
Communication GSM/GPRS module
Housing material ABS plastic
Power supply AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Medium intensity 22~75 mA
Temp. operation -10º C ~ 50º C
Dimensions 160 (H) x 220 (W) x 50 (D) mm

Magnetic Contact

Power supply 1 battery CR123A (approximate duration 2 years)
Transmission distance ≤ 1600 m (in open space)
Frequency 868 MHz
Certification Grade 2
Housing material ABS plastic

Pir Detector

Model KX12DQ-WE
Class PIR Quad bi-directional
Power supply 1 battery CR123A (approximate duration 2 years)
Detection range 12 m / 85º / 28 Zones
Transmission distance ≤ 300 m (in open space)
Frequency 868 MHz
Certification Grade 2
Housing material ABS plastic


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