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What should I be aware of when choosing an outdoor surveillance camera?

An outdoor surveillance camera is essential when you want to secure the house. Our range includes both surveillance cameras as well as hard drive and video recorders. Depending on your connectivity options and needs, you should choose the solution that suits you best. You can therefore advantageously examine your needs for:

  • signal length
  • storage Capacity
  • video Resolution
  • connectivity options

It is important that you have control over the range of eg. router. If the camera is to be connected via a network cable, it is recommended that you have the router placed ideally for this. This also applies if you buy a camera with Wi-Fi. Remember to consider the distance from the camera's upcoming position to the router. These specifications are in the description of the individual cameras.

Storage capacity is also relevant. Should the camera automatically overwrite outdated recordings or should recordings be stored in a secure cloud system? There are a number of different storage options that you should investigate before purchasing a product.

The video resolution also plays in when choosing a surveillance camera. If you weigh the resolution and the quality of the image high, the storage space that is most often used will be faster. This will mean that you will more often need to overwrite outdated data. On the other hand, you will get sharper images, should you now need it. Here, the surveillance camera's night vision can also be mentioned, which is important in terms of viewing length and quality.

Last but not least, you should also explore the connectivity options. In this there are two things - power management and application. Make sure there are good connection options for the surveillance camera if this is not wireless. You can also advantageously assess whether you need to be able to access images and recordings from the surveillance camera via an application on your phone, via your TV or via the Internet.