When choosing an outdoor surveillance camera, there are several things to consider.

It must of course be waterproof in order to function outdoors. Many times it is also most convenient that the camera is wireless when it is to be mounted outdoors. There are several types of wireless cameras for outdoor use.
One of the most popular types is WiFi based cameras. With WiFi you can easily set up a camera if there is good signal strength where the camera is to be placed. If you are unsure whether the signal is strong enough, you can choose to pull a network cable to the location of the camera. Most outdoor WiFi cameras also have a network connector so you choose whether to work with cable or without. Another type of outdoor surveillance camera is based on digital wireless signal, which sends the images to a base station located indoors. The base can be connected to your router with a cable so that the cameras become available via the Internet.


We recommend WiFi cameras for installations where a wired solution is not possible. Wireless video surveillance is an excellent solution if you have the option of connecting the WiFi camera to a nearby 220v socket. However, it is important not to install the WiFi camera too far away from the wireless router or access point, as you must ensure that the signal strength is sufficient to avoid instability. As a starting point, we do not recommend WiFi cameras in large cities where there are often many access points, as traffic on the 2.4GHz band is typically very stressed, whereby one can expect operational disturbances on the camera system. But outside the big cities, a Wifi camera can be quite a nice solution and is perfect if you have two buildings that are not connected to networks.

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