Wireless Alarm

Alarm systems for any security need

At Sevecu Security you will find a wide selection of the best, most reliable and versatile alarm systems at sharp prices. All our alarm systems come with a range up to 800 meters range. Our wireless alarms are therefore both easy to install and use, and can be used, among other things, to secure your home, your business or as a doorbell, schoolyard clock, reception clock or customer reports.

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The smaller alarm systems, such as Chuango indoor wireless sensor alarm, work with motion sensors that activate a high-noise siren that will scare away burglars, vandals, and other aliens. On larger alarm systems, such as Hikvsion Pyronix, several sensors can be connected which will enable the alarm in case of theft, fire or other danger.

The alarm sensors are usually wireless sensors, but can also be wired. If you need an alarm system with surveillance camera, you can advantageously use a surveillance camera with built-in alarm functions. This type of alarm can be accessed with an app on your smartphone, so you can get a push message sent to the app on your mobile or as an email warning you if needed.

Whether the alarm system is to be used for securing warehouses, farms, businesses, schools or large and small villas, you can find an alarm here on the page that suits your particular needs.