Advanced analogue control unit from 2 loops - ADV-ESMX-5202V

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  • SKU: ADV-ESMX-5202V
  • Advanced analogue control unit from 2 loops
  • Up to 240 devices per loop
  • Argus Protocol (compatible with Hochiki and Apollo)
  • Customizable LCD screen
  • Certificates EN54-2, EN54-4, EN54-13 and Part 2 and 4 by FM Approvals
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  • ADV-ESMX-5202V
  • Advanced
  • Central of 2 non-extendable loops
  • Possibility of expansion through Ad-net network card (between exchanges and control stations)
  • Multiprotocol compatible with Argus Vega, Apollo, Hochiki and Nittan Evolution (Argus Vega preinstalled, other protocols require firmware update)
  • Up to 240 devices per loop
  • Auto-addressing of devices
  • Ad-Net peer-to-peer network capable of managing up to 2000 zones
  • Programmable function buttons
  • 2 siren outputs
  • USB communication ports and RS232
  • 20 LED for programmable zones
  • Graphical LCD user interface and support for up to 200 default fire zones, enabling full compliance with the EN54 standard.
  • Compatible with IP module (installed in network, 1 only module for the whole system)
  • Removable terminals for hot extraction
  • Quick-extraction main plate. Easy removal of PCB from the housing
  • Rack mountable
  • Customizable LCD logo
  • Multi-language
  • Certified EN 54-2:1997, EN 54-4:1997 and EN 54-13:2005 Certificate in EN54 Parts 2 and 4 by FM Approvals
Brand Advanced
Core technology Dual flash-based processors with real-time clock, diagnostics, programmable languages and character sets
Display 240 x 64 white backlit LCD screen.
LED indicators 22 red (1 x fire, 1 x more alarms, 20 x programmable zone), 1 green (power), 13 amber and 12 bicolor (fault and system)
Controls Alphanumeric keypad that allows navigation, Reset, Mute buzzer, Mute sirens, Resonate, Evacuate and x4 programmable push-buttons
Protocols Argus Vega (preinstalled), Apollo (XP95 / Discovery), Hochiki ESP and Nittan Evolution
Number of zones 2000 (200 per panel)
Number of loops 2
Loop devices 240 in Argus Vega protocol (pre-installed), in the others it depends on the protocol
Loop 500mA
Siren outputs on plate 2 x 1 Programmable Amp
Relay outputs on plate 2 x 1 Amp 30v AC/DC programable(10mA, 5v min) - expandable to 4
Programmable inputs 1 x programmable supervised input in plate
Auxiliary output 24V 500mA
Programmable key switch inputs 8 x Free voltage input
Total output current available 5A maximum available for loop current + siren outputs + auxiliary power
Main power supply 200 - 240v 47-63 Hz AC (+10%, -15% tolerance) 1.4A Max
Charger current 2A with temperature compensation
Serial port interface 1 x in plate, connection for PC RS232, modem, IP, or portable printer
USB interface 1 x USB Type B for PC connection
Program Keypad and LCD (built-in) or PC with Windows software
Event Buffer 5000 for events and diagnosis + 500 fires
Networks Optional network card (ADV-MXP-503 - standard, or ADV-MXP-509 - fault tolerant)
Printer (optional) In plate (only in the M, L, D boxes)
Box / Color Steel IP30 / RAL7035
Metalwork Options Flush Mount Bezel, Battery Box, Special Utility Boxes, Termination Boxes and Rack Mount Profile
Dimensions (H x W x D mm) Standard: 345 x 430 x 120
Large: 475 x 450 x 120
Big Deep: 475 x 450 x 190
Cable entry (20mm knockouts) Standard: 13 x above and 8 x below
Large: 19 x above, 11 x rear and 2 x below
Big Deep: 30 x above, 11 x rear and 3 x below
Battery capacity (Min - Max) Standard: 24V 4Ah - 24V 7Ah
Large: 24V 4Ah - 24V 18Ah
Big Deep: 24V 4Ah - 24V 45Ah


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