Double bi-directional access turnstile - TS-SG801-M-800

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  • SKU: TS-SG801-M-800
  • Double bi-directional access turnstile
  • Double motorised aisle
  • Times, Alarms, Opening Modes
  • Step dimensions 800 mm
  • Made of stainless steel SUS304
  • Adds access corridors to TS-SG801-800
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  • TS-SG801-M-800
  • Bi-directional motorized two-way turnstile
  • Automatic movement of the acrylic barrier in the walking direction
  • Access width 800 mm with ultra slim post
  • Valid for disabled access
  • LED indicators
  • Emergency mode
  • Main board with display for configuration of the turnstile (opening times, counter, relay inputs)
  • Secondary board for connection to main board
  • Made of stainless steel SUS304 and acrylic barriers
  • Configuration Modes: One or two-way, One or two-way free movement
  • Plug & Play compatible with third party access control systems
  • Ergonomic design
  • Universal covers for card readers
  • Each unit adds an additional aisle to TS-SG801-800
  • TS-SG801-800 required for complete installation
ControllerTurnstile control board compatible with any Access Control system with display
Led indicatorLED turnstile status indicators
Barrier movementOpening angle of the acrylic barrier. In the direction of travel Input or Output
Emergency modeEmergency barrier opening with fire signal
SecurityConfigurable anti-tailigating with sound and lock
CompatibilityCan be integrated with any third party access control Plug & Play / Universal Covers for RFID readers
Configuration ModesOne or two directions / Free passage in one direction and access control in the opposite direction
Manufacturing materialStainless steel SUS304 with motorized acrylic doors and PC covers
Passage speed35-40 persons/minute
Reliability5.000.000 of cycles
PowerAC 110/220 V / 35W max.
Temp. operation-25º C ~ +70º C
Lane Width800 mm (Medium turnstile, size 400 mm)
Dimensions of pass400 (W) x 1400 (D) mm (Suitable for persons with reduced mobility)
Dimensions1020 (H) x 185 (W) x 1400 (D) mm
Weight65 Kg


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