Baluns reception box - BA608VPAD

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  • SKU: BA608VPAD
  • Baluns reception box
  • 8 channels
  • Balun passive receiver per channel
  • Video, Audio, PTZ and Power supply
  • Provides 24 V AC or 28 V AC
  • Maximum range 300 m
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Balun receiver and power distribution box for [%VIEW%] channels.

Permits to receive the video, audio and PTZ signal of up to 8 cameras via UTP cable, at the same time it is capable of transmitting the power to the 8 cameras by 24 V or AC 28 V AC via the same cable. It has 8 BNC video outputs, 8 BNC audio outputs and a PTZ data output, one for each input signal, allowing a substantial saving of cable and optimizing the structure of the system security.

By transmitting AC power, the problem of distance limitation coming from the loss of power sending the signal as DC power is avoided, thus achieving much longer maximum distances. Depending on the distance to the camera, it can be selected for each channel to emit AC 24 V or AC 28 V, in order that the other end receives exactly AC 24 V. At the camera end you will need to attach a compatible video balun to convert the AC power 24 V to DC 12 V, such as for example the device BA302P.

The maximum length between the end that connects to the camera and the end that connects to the video output depends on the signal resolution and the high definition technology used:

  • BA608VPAD
  • HDTVI 720p - 200 m
  • HDTVI 1080p - 200 m
  • HDCVI 720p - 400 m
  • HDCVI 1080p - 200 m
  • AHD 720p - 300 m
  • AHD 1080p - 200 m
  • HDTVI 4 MP 200 m
  • HDCVI 4 MP 200 m
  • HDTVI 4K 200 m
  • HDCVI 4K 200 m

It comes in an insulated metal cabinet that protects the system from external damage, with Rackmount format.

Number of channels 8 channels
Voltage / Amperage Output Selectable AC 24 V (1.04 A) / AC 28 V (0.89 A)
Twisted pair connector RJ45
Video output BNC
Audio output BNC
Data output 2 pins
Power supply transmission distance 0-100 m AC 24V, 0-300 m DC 12 V
Transmission distance HDTVI 200/200/200/200 m (720p/1080p/4 Mpx/4K), HDCVI 400/200/200/200 m (720p/1080p/4 Mpx/4K)
AHD 300/200/200 m (720p/1080p/4 MP), CVBS 300 m
Common mode rejection 60 dB
Impedance Coax BNC 75 ? / UTP RJ45 100 ?
Cable category UTP CAT-2 or higher
Temp. operating -20º C ~ +60º C
Dimensions 65 (H) x 280 (W) x 300 (D) mm
Weight 2450 g


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