Passive twisted pair transceiver - BA607PV-HD

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  • SKU: BA607PV-HD
  • Passive twisted pair transceiver
  • Optimised for HDTVI, HDCVI and AHD
  • 1 video channel and power supply
  • Connector RJ45 (UTP), BNC and Jack
  • Range: 200 ~ 400 m
  • 2 units, emitter and receiver
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  • BA607PV-HD
  • Passive video and power transceiver via twisted pair, 2 units for transmission and reception, specific for analogue high definition (HD).
  • Optimized for transmission of video signal and power for 1 camera with high definition analog HDTV, HDCVI or AHD by twisted pair. System formed by two baluns, of which one acts as transmitter (splitter) and the other as receiver (injector).
  • It has BNC connection (video) and female power supply (transmitter) or male power supply (receiver) with power jack, and connector RJ45 for the UTP cable for interconnecting the two baluns. Of the 4 wire pairs in UTP cable, it will use 1 pair for video and 3 pairs for power supply. The signal for data or audio is transmitted through the video carrier wave in HD analogue technologies.
  • The maximum length between the end that connects to the camera and the end that connects to the video output depends on the signal resolution and the high definition technology used:
    • BA607PV-HD
    • HDTVI 720p - 200 m
    • HDTVI 1080p - 200 m
    • HDCVI 720p - 400 m
    • HDCVI 1080p - 200 m
    • AHD 720p - 300 m
    • AHD 1080p - 200 m
    • HDTVI 4 MP 100 m
    • HDCVI 4 MP 200 m
    • HDTVI 4K 100 m
    • HDCVI 4K 200 m
  • Power surge and discharge protection, anti-static design with exceptional noise rejection.
Number of channels 1 channel
Video Input/Output BNC (male)
Power supply Input/Output Standard Jack (male/female)
Input/output voltage Input: 24-36 V DC / Output: 12V DC 10W
Transmission distance HDTVI 200/200/100/100 m (720p/1080p/4 Mpx/4K), HDCVI 400/200/200/200 m (720p/1080p/4 Mpx/4K)
AHD 300/200/200 m (720p/1080p/4 MP), CVBS 300 m
Twisted pair connector RJ45
Crosstalk 60 dB
BNC Impedance 75 Ohm
UTP Impedance 100 Ohm
Cable category UTP category 5/6


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