Nivian Simulated (dummy) camera - CS023

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SKU: CS023
  • SKU: CS023
  • Nivian Simulated (dummy) camera
  • Bullet camera shape with IR
  • Housing with support and sun-shield
  • 23 functional red LED's
  • Designed for interiors
  • Power supply 2 AA batteries
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NIVIAN Simulated (dummy) camera.

A non-functional version of an authentic surveillance camera. Shaped as a typical outdoor bullet camera with infrared and cap, so it is not possible at first sight to differentiate it from a real working surveillance camera, but it doesn't have internal electronics to make it more economical.. Also has 23 LED's which automatically activate in low-light conditions just like a real camera.

Economical and easy to install, it can be used as a decoy, installed in sight and hiding the real CCTV system in a hidden place. Hereby, in case of theft, the attacks will occur against the simulated camera while the cameras of the surveillance system will be safe and will capture all images undiscovered. It can also be used without backup system as a simple deterrent, thus preventing intrusion or vandalism in the presence of a camera.

Camera length 169 mm
Camera diameter 58 mm
Weight 90 g
Material Hard plastic
LED power supply 2 AA batteries


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